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Water enhancer ‘Vita Drops Apple Green Tea’ for you who want to drink water deliciously

Water solution for you who want to be light without worrying about calories! Fresh apple and green tea extract are in it. It should be beyond the taste you can imagine.
If you keep drinking me, some light changes will definitely happen to you!

Contained fresh apple concentrate liquid
and catechin from green tea extract

Vitamin C 50~150%, vitamin D3 100%
from recommended 1 day intake

Low calorie vitamin water for you
who are tired of high calorie drinks

Light drink with fresh apple juice and
green tea extract

More vitamin with
moisture supplementation

Contained vitamin C and vitamin D3

Low calorie, Sugar-Free

Easy vitamin drinking by
mixing it with 500ml water




Product name Vita Drops Apple Green Tea
Contents Purified water, apple concentrate liquid (70 brix, Iranian), artificial flavor (apple flavor), vitamin C, citric acid, green tea extract powder (Chinese), green apple extract powder (Chinese), calcium lactate, trisodium citrate, sucralose (synthetic sweetener), acesulfame potassium (synthetic sweetener), vitamin D3, mixed green coloring (synthetic color)
Caution Please take after diluting
Internal packing material Polypropylene (PP)
Refund and exchange Purchased place and customer center
Expiration By the marked date on the side of the product
Food type Water Based Liquids
Instruction Dilute one sachet (8ml) with 500ml water or soda. Please take after diluting.
Storage Keep cool places avoiding high temperature and direct sun ray.
Manufacturer SUPERNATRUALS CO., LTD. 2F, 43-3, Gunjiro121-bungil, Seo-gu, Incheon, South Korea
Customer service 1544 - 6903
Item Report No. 20140294485 - 46
※ You can get exchange or refund according to Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria. Call 1399 for false and adulterated foods directly.
Calorie Natrium Carb Sugar Fat Trans fat Saturated fat Cholesterol Protein
9kcal 1% / 19mg 1% / 2g 1% / 1g 0% / 0g 0g 0% / 0g 0% / 0mg 0% / 0g
Vitamin C Vitamin D3
100% / 100mg 100% / 10㎍
Since the rate (%) of a daily nutrition standard is 2.000kcal, it may vary according to the personally necessary calories.