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Developed by innovative technology of SUPERNATURALS, this is the first Milk Enhancer in Asian market. Containing vitamins and fruit
concentrate liquid for mixing with white milk. You can make delicious and nutritious milk with Vitamin Funny Milk Drops at home.
Do not need to buy Banana or Strawberry milk.


Full of nutrition with the sweetness! Enjoy white milk as sweet as banana milk.

Sweet and sour strawberry taste! Once into milk! Make white milk delicious! It contains vitamin D3 that helps absorbing calcium in milk.
It contains 100% of daily recommended vitamin D3.

Contained 200IU of vitamin D3
( approx. 2ml per serving ) will absorb calcium in milk

Used banana concentrate juice

Contained a variety of vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E) and
magnesium, iron, folic acid, zinc, and calcium

Used specially designed silicon dispenser
hygienic and safe only for
Vitamin Funny Milk Drops.

With total 25 serves(use 2ml for
200ml of milk),you can make
5 liters of banana milk.

As it is a low calorie product(1 calorie per
serving, 2ml), its calorie is evidently
lower than standard banana milk.



Product name Vitamin Funny Milk Drops Banana taste
Contents Purified water, artificial flavor (banana flavor), carotene ( food coloring ), acesulfame potassium (synthetic sweetener), banana concentrate juice (Israeli), sucralose (synthetic sweetener), vitamin D3 (Swiss), sodium benzoate (synthetic preservative), nonfat dry milk, vitamin mineral mix
Caution Please check ingredients carefully before intake, in case of allergic constitutions.
If the package is deformed or damaged, the content may not be safe. Please do not take it, do not take expired
products either.
Container and packing material Bottle PE / Cap PP+ rubber (silicon)
Expiration By the marked date on the side of the product
Manufacturer SUPERNATRUALS CO., LTD. 2F, 43-3, Gunjiro121-bungil, Seo-gu,Incheon, South Korea
Customer service 1544 - 6903
Item Report No. 20140294485 - 39
※ You can get exchange or refund according to Consumer Dispute Resolution Criteria. Call 1399 for false and adulterated foods directly.
Calorie Natrium Carb Sugar Fat Trans fat Saturated fat Cholesterol Protein
1kcal 0% / 0mg 0% / 0g 0% / 0g 0% / 0g 0g 0% / 0g 0% / 0mg 0% / 0g
Vitamin D
Since the rate (%) of a daily nutrition standard is 2.000kcal, it may vary according to the personally necessary calories.